Cyber Attack Simulations Network

Smart City Simulation is our newest addition to our growing list of simulations on CASN ( Cyber Attack Simulations Network ) . Smart power grids, telecom, autonomous metro rail services are part of our new additions to smarty city simulations. Sign up to practice on a whole new level of challenges and learn new technologies of how attackers are targeting the infrastructures.

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Learn from the industry’s most experienced team of security experts, who have done gazillion of penetration tests, auditing, investigations. Our team adapts to your requirements, get customised training to suit your environment.

Cyber Attack Simulations Network

What started as a pet project of our team, is now one of the leading implementations across Govt and Education Departments. We simulate hundred’s of scenarios on CASN, giving maximum exposure to those who seek to gain experience on various cyber threats.

Penetration Testing Services

Enterprises, especially the critical operations infrastructures heavily depend on reliable systems for their business to live and grow. Cyber attacks both intentional and unintentional cause a great deal of damage to revenue, reputation and time. Our penetration testing services make sure, your infrastructure is adequately protected to fight cyber threats.

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Got hacked ? Suspect malicious activity in your organisation ? Call us right away, we will provide immediate first aid support both remote and onsite to contain and mitigate all cyber attacks. We will prep your systems for further forensic investigation and get your systems online in no time.

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