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Cyberange Phygital Labs

Cyberange is a leading provider of world-class cybersecurity simulations, leveraging both physical and virtual environments to deliver comprehensive training and awareness programs.

Our innovative approach combines HO scale models with real-world IoT, OT, and IT systems to create realistic and impactful cybersecurity scenarios. Our mission is to enhance cybersecurity resilience across industries by providing immersive, hands-on training experiences.

According to the latest ISC2 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, there is a shortfall of approximately 4 million cybersecurity professionals worldwide.

The Critical Sectors are at an all time high risk

Despite having the information technology talent pool in the world, most countries are highly unlikely to produce an adequate number of professionals to close the cybersecurity skills gap. This scarcity exposes businesses and smart cities to cyberattacks and reduces their ability to quickly respond to complex threats.

A rapidly evolving digital landscape has created immense opportunities across critical sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, and utilities, where Operational Technology (OT) systems form the backbone of industrial operations.

This technological evolution also brings significant cyber threats that can jeopardize industrial operations and national security. Current cyber security training programs lack the necessary OT environment simulations to equip the workforce with the skills required to thwart these threats.

Why Phygital Labs? 

Why Phygital Labs? 

Why Phygital Labs? 

Why Phygital Labs? 

Why Phygital Labs? 

Winner of 3 Guinness Book of World Records

  • Award for most number of complex IOT and OT devices in a simulator
  • Award for the largest Phygital lab in the world simulating real world scenarios in IOT and OT
  • Award for the most number of cyber security scenarios for critical sectors present on a cyber security simulator
Exclusive Commercial Provider

Our several unique advantages


Proven Expertise

Our team comprises industry experts with extensive experience in developing and deploying cybersecurity simulations and training programs. This expertise ensures the highest quality and effectiveness of our training solutions

Innovative Approach

We utilize state-of-the-art technology and innovative training methodologies that are not available through traditional educational programs. This approach ensures that our participants are at the cutting edge of cybersecurity practices.

Scalable Solutions

Our modular design allows for the expansion and adaptation of the labs to suit the evolving needs of our clients. Whether for a small training session or a large-scale simulation, our labs can be tailored to deliver optimal results.

Comprehensive Support

As the sole commercial provider, we offer dedicated support and continuous updates to ensure that our labs remain at the forefront of cybersecurity training. Our clients benefit from ongoing improvements and enhancements that keep pace with the latest developments in the field.

Market Leadership

Our unique position in the market as the only commercial provider of Cyber Physical Labs underscores our leadership and commitment to advancing cybersecurity education and training. Partnering with us means aligning with a leader dedicated to fostering excellence and innovation in cybersecurity.

Multiple Ways to use the Cyberange Lab

IoT, OT & AI Research

Training & Certification

Wargames & Scenarios

Testing & Consulting

Physical Cyber Range

Modular Design for Rapid Expansion

POI / Top Unit

This is a point of interest (POI) that sits on top of the main cabinet enclosure and consists of cause and effects.

Control Panel

This panel houses all interface elements like OT devices, switches, displays, or connectors.

Cabinet Enclosure

The main body, is the protective exterior that also provides structural integrity.

You can add as many modular units as needed to expand the Physical Lab with new scenarios.

Our Design Process

Design Build a physical miniature scale model City with critical sectors.
Connect real-world IOT and OT to the Physical scale model city (Every scenario has dedicated OT panels)
Create real-world enterprise infrastructure with AD, Windows, Firewalls, IDS, IPS etc and connect to Scale model city OT Operations
Program and integrate the OT and IT for causeand-effect, just like in real-world but at miniature scale level
Create HMI Dashboards and connect to Physical lab
Deploy actual vulnerable software or create mock-up replica of custom apps to simulate user-interface and action.
Write code for OT / IOT Operations, devices, sensors, components for mimicking realworld functions / scenarios.
Provide training with attack platforms and engage professionals in hands-on cyber security experience with the Physical Labs.

Example of ICS / SCADA Devices used

Allen-Bradley PLC

Siemens PLC

Yokogawa PLC

List of vendors supported:

  • Yokogawa – specializes in industrial automation and control, test and measurement, and other technologies and services.
  • Schneider Electric – Offers SCADA solutions for a variety of sectors such as energy, water, oil, and gas. Their popular systems include CitectSCADA, Vijeo Citect, and ClearSCADA.
  • Rockwell Automation – Provides the Allen-Bradley line of controllers and the FactoryTalk SCADA software.
  • Siemens – Their offerings include SIMATIC WinCC SCADA system and S7 series of controllers.
  • Honeywell – Known for products such as the Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS), and Safety Manager.
  • OMRON – Offers CX-Supervisor, along with a wide range of controllers.

Common Protocols Used

  • FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol – enables digital communication and control of devices such as sensors, actuators, and controllers
  • Modbus – An application layer messaging protocol that provides client/server communication between devices.
  • Profibus – A standard for fieldbus communication in automation technology.
  • Profinet – An industry technical standard for data communication over industrial Ethernet.
  • EtherNet/IP – An industrial network protocol that adapts the Common Industrial Protocol to standard Ethernet.
  • HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol) – A communication protocol for industrial process and control devices.
  • S7comm (S7 Communication) – A Siemens proprietary protocol that runs between programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Physical Cyber Range Videos

Physical Lab Flyby Video 5:19

Attacking Water Treatment Systems 5:16

Attacking the Power / Energy Systems 2:02

Attack on Metro / Signalling systems 2:47

Cause & Effect Examples

Breach & Attack

Use of exploits, zero days on IT and OT infra, triggering an outcome


Use of Malware, ransomware, impacting Malware operations on OT systems

Human Error

Human error, triggering faulty operations of the OT systems

Physical Attack

Inserting USB, Raspberry Pi etc. into systems with malicious intent


Misconfiguration of an OT or IOT system, leading to breach

Insider Threats

Malicious employee abusing access controls

Lack of Security Infra

Lack of Firewall, SIEM or Managed services causing breach

Supply Chain Attack

A complex supply-chain-attack causing impact in another critical sector

Outdated Software

Outdated or unpatched software or firmware in OT

Benefits of the Physical Cyber Range

Enhanced Training

Cyber ranges can simulate a real-world cyber environment, which is perfect for hands-on training. Users can gain a practical understanding of potential threats, vulnerabilities, and attack vectors in a controlled setting.

Robust Testing & Validation

The cyber-physical range facilitates rigorous testing and validation of IoT and OT security solutions in a safe, controlled environment. This includes the opportunity to stress test systems and see how they perform under different types of attacks, and even under extreme conditions.

Incident Response Practice

A cyber range allows organizations to practice and refine their incident response procedures under realistic conditions. This includes improving communication, coordination, and execution of response plans, which could significantly reduce the time taken to respond to real cyber incidents.

Improved Risk Assessment

By simulating real-world attack scenarios, a cyber range can help organizations identify potential vulnerabilities and understand the risks associated with them. This can inform risk management strategies and help prioritize areas for improvement.

Cost-Effective Training & Testing

A cyber range enables organizations to train their personnel and test systems without the costs and risks associated with live operational environments.

Understanding Emerging Threats

As the range incorporates emerging technologies, it helps security professionals understand the new kinds of threats these technologies might bring, thus equipping them to proactively mitigate potential risks.

Innovation Encouragement

The cyber range provides a space for exploring and understanding the latest technological developments, spurring innovation in security practices and technologies.

Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation

Through structured exercises and scenarios, organizations can assess their cybersecurity readiness and measure their performance over time, providing a benchmark for continuous improvement.

Regulatory Compliance

Cyber ranges can be used to demonstrate compliance with various industry regulations and standards, showing that an organization is committed to maintaining robust cybersecurity practices

DFIR Capability Development

From a law enforcement perspective, a Physical Cyber Range can serve as an effective platform for developing and honing digital forensics skills and cybercrime investigation techniques.

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